Marketing Workbook

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Marketing Plan Workbook

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Collect Your Details

In the first section we collect all the information you need for your online marketing including all your passwords and website hosting details.

Marketing Priority Review

In this section we discuss your current marketing activity and score it for it’s effectiveness. From this we can determine if there’s anything that you’re currently doing that we’ll keep going forward or ditch.

Your Business Values

What do you and your business stand for? How will you make a difference to your customers and the wider community? Business owners often overlook this part of marketing but it’s vital to understand your values before we move on to the creative elements of the marketing plan.

You will need the appendix (download below) to complete this section.

Your Mission & Vision Statements

We have discussed your business values so now we need to outline your Mission and Vision for the business going forward.

Buyer Personas

The more you can identify with and understand your customers the easier you’ll find it to market to them. In this section we will start to create your Buyer Persona – the avatar we’ll refer to when creating your marketing content.

Your Marketing Statement

The statement draws a line in the sand and defines the content you’re going to produce for your customers and how it helps them.

Your Customer’s Questions

If you were to help out a mate on the other side of the world, what advice would you give them bearing in mind that you can’t sell them your services.

How would you advise them to get the best value for their money and the best service?

Content Matrix

There are so many types of content and advertising you can do to promote your business that it can become very confusing. Use this matrix to work out the best approach for your marketing.

Plan Your Promotional Activity

In this section we start to plan the marketing activity you’re going to do.

Grow Your Email List

You may not realise it but your email list (or CRM if you have one) is probably the most valuable element of your business. A large database of contacts allows you to promote your business to a captive audience but it also allows you to engage and discover what they really want from you.

In this section we look at ways for you to grow your email list.

Review Your Website

Does your website convert? Does it attract new customers or put them off?

We work through a simple way to audit your own website and what you should be working towards for the ultimate website.

Plan Your Activity

Who’s doing what, by when and what resources do they need?

Let’s get everything we’ve looked at in to a structured plan with actions and deadlines.