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You’re a busy influencer with a growing audience but how do you turn that into an income?

This is the question on many social media influencers minds. As your audience grows, how can you make the most of it, monetize the passionate followers and earn enough to make it a career for yourself?

This is where I come in. My years of experience in online marketing, website building and social media marketing can help you…

  • continue to grow your audience
  • create products that your followers will crave to buy
  • grow your email list and use this to really explode your earning potential
  • build websites to sell the product(s)
  • reach bloggers and news site that can promote your story and grow your influence
  • create campaigns to reach out to potential sponsors
  • look for speaker opportunities or meet and greets
  • arrange professional photography and video production for use on social media

There are many ways I can help you to grow your social media influencer business just as i’ve done for others.

Arrange a quick no-obligation chat by phone, skype or WhatsApp or if you’re ready to work with me, purchase one of my coaching packages below and let’s get going!

Russell Davies, online digital marketing coach

Meet me, Russell Davies, Online Digital Marketing Coach.

I’ve been building and marketing websites since the mid-nineties working with many sole traders, entrepreneurs and, more recently social media influencers and instagrammers particularly in the fitness industry.

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Single 1-2-1 Coaching Session

We’ve had a brief chat about what you want to achieve so now is the time to get down to it and work out a path for you to reach your goal.

This single session won’t be enough time to get you all the way but it will give you some direction and introduce you to working with me.


Ongoing Coaching

We work together towards your goals, creating the products that your audience will love, putting systems in place to sell the products, building landing pages and email marketing campaigns and remarketing to grow your income.

Your goals are my goals…


Marketing Strategy Workbook

I have condensed my years of experience into an easy to use workbook that takes you through the process I use to generate a marketing strategy with clients.

Buy a copy and i’ll forward it to you and provide online support so you have confidence in creating your own marketing strategy.