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Tricks of the Trade: Creating Content that Sells

Content is quite possibly the be all and end all when it comes to marketing nowadays. You can’t go anywhere without it, and the majority of businesses will need it to get themselves off the ground and in front of their customers. However, this has caused the market to...

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Your customers need to know your value proposition

Have you ever considered what sets your products and services apart from your competitors? Why should they choose you over them? What is it that makes your business unique? You may have a modern mobile optimised website, snappy copy and a good looking logo but that's...

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Quick SEO wins for Local Businesses

Anyone who runs a local business will likely know the power of search engines for driving new customers. Google has all but replaced the yellow pages for local advertising, and the new generation of consumers is glued to their smartphones, quickly searching and...

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Battle between Technical SEO and Content Marketing

SEO is typically categorized as the strategies and techniques used to increase rankings in search engine results. The purpose, of course, is to ultimately reach your target audience and boost conversions. The tactics chosen in any given SEO strategy comes down to what...

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A Brief Look at the Rise in Video Marketing

Business marketing is one of the biggest expenditures that a business has, therefore they need to know what they are doing is both current and effective at the same time. In today’s digital world, video marketing is on the rise, and if you are not using it, then you...

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What is #1 spot on Google worth to my business?

As a business owner and a website owner you will naturally wish for your website to rank #1 on Google when people searched for your services. You want to put your business front and centre to as many potential customers as possible. But there's only one top spot and...

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