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Tap Into Talent By Using High Tech Video Tools

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We’ve all been through face-to-face interviews and are used to car/train journeys, trying to find somewhere to park in busy city centres. Then checking your hair and suit before walking into reception and announcing your arrival, as several other hopefuls look on, and repeating the experience at the second stage, if you are lucky!

Well, times are changing. More and more companies, recruiters and agencies are tapping into video interviews for at least screening and first stage interviews.  This method of recruitment is becoming very popular for cost and efficiency reasons. Interviews/tasks are recorded in advance through companies such as webrecruit, LaunchPad and InterviewStream, who use their web-based software to conduct the actual interview.

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With recorded interviews, the interviewer sets the questions that form the webcam interview and invite applicants through an ad or email. The candidate can take the interview at any point up to your deadline. The bonus of a recorded video interview is that it is stored for the hiring manager to review at their convenience. For those who use jobs boards, in most cases, you can add a video link to the job posting so initial interviews can be recorded.

For recruiters, video interviewing software helps you quickly and effectively shortlist candidates, however, there is no substitute for finally meeting candidates in person. Video gives you great insight into the personality behind the qualifications but the spontaneity and gut feeling you get from a one-on-one meeting is necessary, at least once.

Alternatively, employers conduct video interviews directly using the hiring manager and/or members of the recruiting team using Skype, so there is real-time interaction and experience can be probed in more depth.

On the candidate part, they can practice ahead of the interviews as sample questions are provided. They also need to ensure they are presentable, clutter is cleared if the interview is recorded from home, and they remain undisturbed by humans and pets alike! First impressions do count and if this is used as part of a wider-screening process, it may be the only opportunity to create a good impression.

There are pros and cons of using such methods, and as with all data, care must be taken to explain how the information will be used and how long it will be stored. Finally, ensure that you follow all the legal checks before you offer a job to protect yourself.

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A creative and commercial writer, with experience as a business mentor for start-ups/SMEs, as a HR consultant and as a published author of many books and articles.

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  • Spark Hire
    June 15, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    Being in the video interviewing space, at Spark Hire we’ve seen the popularity of this technology grow significantly in just the past couple of years and we’re excited to be a part of it!

    More and more companies are seeing the value in implementing video interviews into their recruiting process and we know 2015 will be a big year for this powerful technology. A recorded interview (we call it the One-Way and it’s our most popular feature) allows employers to shorten their screening process and quickly connect with candidates while still having the ability to accurately assess their skills and personality. Working with thousands of companies everyday, we understand the importance of streamlining the recruiting process without sacrificing the quality of hires.

    We created a free e-Course that will be very beneficial to hiring pros and will help them become video interviewing experts in just a few days. The “5-Day Crash Course to Video Interviewing” will go over basic information about video interviews, best practices, and strategies for ensuring a great candidate experience: http://resources.sparkhire.com/5-day-crash-course-to-video-interviewing/.

    Additionally, with the number of companies utilizing video interviews increasing everyday, it’s very important that job seekers research best practices for video interviews because it’s likely they’ll be invited to one at some point in their job search; whether it’s for an entry-level position or a C-suite position. We actually also just came out with our own video for job seekers called “10 Video Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers” that will help them ensure a successful video interview: http://blog.sparkhire.com/2015/02/03/10-video-interviewing-tips-job-seekers-video/.

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