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Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Provide value, grow loyalty, improve profits

According to a recent LinkedIn report, buyers of your products and services are looking for two things from vendors;

  1. high level thought leadership
  2. valued consultation, education or tools.

The report also showed that while buyers value their relationship with vendors there is still room for improvement and they site understanding of their business as the highest factor affecting their willingness to engage with a vendor.

Another recent survey by Allstate Insurance found that customer acquisition and retention is one of the top five concerns for small businesses (along with recruitment, technology, taxes, and financing).

It stands to reason then that if you can provide valued thought leadership, education, demonstrate a knowledge of their business and show your clients how to find and retain customers that this will go a long way to strengthen and grow your client relationships.

How can Lobster help?

Over the last couple of years Lobster has gained a reputation for providing high value content in the form of blogs, social media updates and more recently webinars and short videos that are aimed to educate and inspire businesses to improve their online marketing.

We believe that providing this content helps to build strong relationships with our social media followers and clients, allows us to reach new audiences and find new business opportunities.

We now want to help your business in this way by providing the same content to your customers.

How will you benefit?

We’ve already seen that your customers are looking for high level thought leadership and education so we propose to provide that by hosting a monthly webinar for your customers where we will discuss a variety of marketing topics, essentially duplicating the valued content that we’re already providing to our clients but for your clients.

Your customers will get access to our marketing expertise, support to help them grow their business and you will gain from a strengthened relationship with your customers that can lead to increased sales and referrals.

In addition, enter into an affiliate agreement with us you can benefit from favorable referral fees on all our products and services.

How does Lobster benefit?

Apart from the benefits of improving our own relationships with you and your business, we’re also looking to reach a wider audience so along with the content that we provide we would also want to gain new relationships by promoting our services and products directly to your database.

Why you can trust Lobster

Hopefully you have worked with Lobster long enough to know you can trust us to deliver a quality service but we want to reassure you that we will never spam your customers or add them to a marketing list without their permission, we won’t push our products and services on to them or invite them to a webinar that is simply an hour long sales pitch.

We do promise to deliver valued content, high level thought leadership in the topic of online marketing, and practical tips and advice that your customers can implement in their own business.

In return we would like the opportunity to briefly mention our own products and services and promote a discounted offer in blog posts, videos and webinars no obligation for your customers to buy and no hard sell.

How to find out more

To discuss this and to get access to our content just give us a call today on 02920487822