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96 Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2DT


How To Win On Twitter Using Advanced Search?

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On Sunday evening I was sitting alone in our office at 8pm talking to a bunch of strangers via my computer. Admittedly that seems like a very odd thing to do but it was for a good cause because we launched our new webinar series “Practical Digital Marketing”. If you’re not familiar with webinars, they’re basically the same as a seminar only delivered online. The technology available to small businesses these days is incredible – and in most cases very cheap (or even free).

Because I was slightly anxious about my first webinar I picked a subject that I felt very comfortable talking about. You should understand that a webinar is very different from a seminar as they’re usually performed with little or no interaction from the viewers so you don’t have the same energy that you have in a room with actual people. You can of course allow your viewers to talk directly to you but I would imagine that’s best kept to a group of people that you know rather than complete strangers.

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So for 45 minutes on Sunday evening I spoke to my computer hoping that everyone in attendance could hear me (they could) and see the screen I was showing them (they also could) and follow everything I said (I think they could). I covered the controversial Twitter subject of the “follow back” strategy (where you follow loads of people in the knowledge that around half of them will follow you back) and demonstrated an excellent tool for automating much of the hard work.

Check out the webinar below. It’s lengthy at 45 minutes so I need to work harder to make future broadcasts shorter but it’s packed with tips for helping you gather more Twitter followers.

We have a new webinar available – this time on “Planning the perfect website“. There’s going to be some great tips in there that will help you when planning your next website or even with your current site.

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