The excitement is (Aled) brewing for the tournament to begin next week when Wales take on England, and BBC Wales have released their annual advert to get the nation ready.

Not as emotional as in previous years, this advert is right when it likens the 6 Nations to a celebration such as a birthday or wedding.

Being brought up in England, I can honestly say that no one celebrates the 6 Nations quite like Wales. People do really get together and go through the ups and downs that each weekend brings. Never before I moved to Wales did I hear the phrase ‘all dayer’ used to often and to mean to something so exciting.

So lets get ourselves ready, put those protein shakes […]

Small Business Owners – Better to do a few Social Media Sites well than do all of them poorly

For any small business owner or sole trader, the importance of being active on social media cannot be understated. Just about everyone these days has some sort of social network account, from rock stars to politicians, and even their own grandmothers in some cases, so there is no excuse to avoid it and say “that is not my particular audience”.
When you are busy trying to establish your business, it is very easy to completely avoid using social media simply because you may not understand it, and wouldn’t have the first clue about how to get started.

Another common problem may be experienced further down the line when you may have tried it out for a while, but quickly become overwhelmed with […]


This advert is really beautiful and something which I can really relate to. My mother has the most beautifully curly hair and these curls have been passed on to me.

Now, at 24, I love my curls, they’re bouncy, wild and never look the same. This however wasn’t always how I felt. Throughout primary and secondary school I hated my curls, they just seemed a big frizzy, untamed mess and something which was much inferior to straight hair. All my friends had beautifully long, straight, shiny hair and in everyone’s eyes they were the pretty ones. One of these ‘friends’ even described my hair as looking like ‘rats tails’…charming.

Little did I know that as I got older people with straight hair were […]


I saw this advert the other day and I was instantly interested by it, very clever using t shirts as birds, watching them migrate and travel home, but never in one hundred guesses would I thought it would have been for Ikea!

I get that Ikea have fantastic storage solutions for all our bits and bobs – my house is full of the stuff – but the advert doesn’t scream IKEA to me whilst watching.

This may be a deliberate action, other adverts such as 3 use adverts which have nothing to do with their service but yet they stay in your memory, so Ikea may be doing something similar.

It may also be an extremely clever advert and I’m just not getting […]


Lets start the week with some motivation to keep us girls going. Sport England has come up with a great advert to show us that no matter what shape we are, our ability, or how sweaty we get, exercise comes in many different forms and can become part of everyday life, not just a once a month effort.

Unfortunately the media has made a lot of us have negative views of ourselves and create an image of what we ‘should’ look like. Photoshop and ‘thinsipration’ is basically putting rose tinted glasses on us and saying if we don’t look a certain way everyday, then we’re not perfect. This is not a message we should be sending girls and women of any age.

To me […]

How can Entrepreneurs and Sole Traders manage it all?

Just about every new small business start-up is faced with the same problem – how to manage about five hundred tasks at once!
It is not only the every day tasks of running a business that needs managing, such as answering emails, responding to telephone messages, and opening the post, it is also all the other juggling balls you are keeping in the air.

Throw in to the mix your product or service development, social media marketing and profile establishment, collaborations with another person or company, researching and monitoring your closest competition, customer order fulfilment, invoicing and payment management, book keeping and banking – and then trying to maintain a healthy personal, social and family life on top too!
How on earth can […]

It’s Coming…

I think my blogs before Christmas showed how much I love the festive season. But I don’t think my love for Christmas, religious or commercial, can come close to how excited my partner is about the impending event.

A time where our life is turned upside down and is all consumed by men (ahh lovely men) in shorts.  Of course I can only mean the Six Nations Rugby Championship.

Just as we eagerly await the Christmas John Lewis advert, Gavin and I await the first sightings of a Six Nations Advert. These adverts seem to have a way of making you more proud to be from one of the 6 nations than ever before, as well as making you ‘on the edge of […]

Marketing with heart

I recently came across this Ted Talks which is short but with a sweet message. The crux of it is to use the ever influential world of advertising and put it to good use.

The gentleman in the video explains how he came to this epiphany by helping a young boy in Ghana to make the 25km trip to school easier so he can fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor.  As most of you are probably thinking, like I did, we as a nation do a lot to raise money for less privileged children, however it’s the end of his talk which made me realise just how powerful this could be.

Advertising is so powerful it can actually change our actions and […]

Why video marketing can be good for start up businesses

When you are just starting out with your new business venture, you have a distinct advantage over larger and more seasoned companies. This advantage is your overwhelming enthusiasm for your own product or service.

Passion and enthusiasm for your own product or service comes over especially well when you are using video marketing as part of your social media marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of people who actually prefer to watch a video rather than read a block of text information to gain an understanding of a particular item or service, and this is why utilizing video should be an important part of your promotions.

In recent years video marketing has emerged to be one of the most powerful methods of marketing, […]