Music memories

It must be a tough, but fun, job deciding what music to pair with an advert. I wonder if it’s a chicken and egg type thing, whether the ideas come first and then the music or vice versa, but there’s no denying that some music makes an advert and makes it memorable.

This advert is on a lot in our house (which says a lot about our TV habits) and the music has now become synonymous with sport. I couldn’t really tell you what happens in the advert but I know for sure BT is on!

It also makes you want to bop along – never a bad thing! [...]

S Club 7 and Juniors rolled into one

Now, I wasn’t exactly a good looking baby (my nickname was Thunder Thighs…thanks parents) but I’d love for something like this video to exist!

A great bit of advertising by Evian about one of the many benefits of water, and the fact they don’t have to state it bluntly throughout the adverts make it all the more effective.

This has also made me think what dance move I’d do in front of the window, I’m partial to ‘The Sprinkler’ so may have to pull that one out.

I better go and grab a drink…


How to use Content Curation for your business

Not so long ago some members of the marketing world were up in arms about content curation, and whether it was all together ethical! Generally speaking, people were worried that their original content would be illegally copied by others, and used for their own purposes rather than what it was originally created for.

The other big question at the time, apart from the ethics of the idea, was would it be frowned upon by Google. Would you end up getting yourself in serious trouble for doing this?

The truth is that content curation is often still misunderstood by a lot of people, despite the fact it has proven to be a fantastic strategy for adding interest and value to your business blog [...]

Finally listening to my brother

Today is a momentous occasion…I am taking some advice from my brother.  Some background…my brother is an extremely successful journalist by trade and is now an editor at a leading agency in the big smoke; and I’m happy to say that I don’t just read his articles to be a good sister (I’m already that), but because they’re actually really rather good!

So, I’m taking some advice from a recent article of his and am stealing his idea by telling you all to GO OUTSIDE!  It’s amazing the different perspectives you can get just by changing the location of where you’re thinking.

Stand up and talk to people on the other side of the office, or whilst your standing in the queue [...]

Battle of the supermarkets!

Sticking with the brand theme this week. Have you ever asked yourself why you buy your food where you do? Or have you turned your nose up at those who shop in ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ end supermarkets?

Moving in with my partner sparked this debate. I was a Waitrose girl at heart, and living by myself I could afford this, but now feeding two people this wasn’t realistic. My partner – who only saw food as fuel – was more of a bargain bin, cheap is best kind of guy! He even bought caged hen eggs (scoff!).

So, over the following weeks to come we did an experiment buying our weekly shop in all of the local supermarkets and weighed up our [...]

Are you a social media Rebel or Mouse? Why not be both by using Rebel Mouse!

It can be quite frustrating for a sole trader or small business owner to manage so many social medial accounts. The trouble is that keeping up with all your social media is a necessary task that any entrepreneur or start-up business needs to do if they want to establish their brand and get themselves known.

Time is a precious commodity within any business, and making good use of applications such as Tweetdeck and HootSuite can go a long way to help make the best use of your time. However, with the rise in popularity of curation tools in recent years, the likes of Rebel Mouse are quickly coming to the forefront.

Rebel Mouse has an interesting history in itself, being the brainchild [...]

Top Tips for using YouTube to promote your Small Business

Video can be a very powerful marketing tool for business if used correctly, and YouTube gives a small business the perfect way to share good information with a simple two or three minute video that can be recorded on something as simple as a camera phone, and uploaded directly to the site.

Obviously some thought should be put into your video, including back-end keywords, good script planning, proper lighting conditions, and a few practice sessions to smooth out any kinks.

Being owned by the almighty Google, YouTube will never be a social media site so sit on it’s laurels. Its mass market audience and free-to-use model lends itself perfectly to a small business or entrepreneur with a limited marketing budget. People watch [...]

Memorable for the right reason

I believe some adverts were sent just to test us (I’m not one for ranting so I shall not begin to list them), but then I also believe that some advertisers really do have us in mind when creating their masterpieces.

Although we may not instantly jump up and go and buy whatever product is being advertised, I think that an amazing advert really can change the way you think about a product or a particular brand.

The video I’ve chosen is a perfect example of how a brand, which was once thought of as inferior, changed the way it was seen just by a brilliant advert!  YUM!


Do you Dig Digg for your Small Business?

With so many social media platforms available for small businesses to utilize today, one may consider the reason why you should need to use Digg as part of your marketing plans.

Just like other social media sites, Digg was set up to enable users to share interesting contributions and pass comment on on others shared content. The content could be relevant news stories, new product launches, industry press-releases – just about anything you consider would be of interest to others.

If a user ‘diggs’ a particular news story or post, it will mean that content will become more popular by one mark. This ultimately means a hot story that has been dugg the most will most likely end up on the front [...]