How a Small Business Owner can Organise their Social Media Activities

How a Small Business Owner can Organise their Social Media Activities
Compared to a medium or large company that can dedicate staff to handling all their company social media activity, a small business owner may well have to juggle their social marketing along with everything else it takes to run their enterprise.

You can often feel at a disadvantage because it takes a lot of time and effort to invest in an effective social media campaign, and it can also be a daunting task if Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are not really your forte to begin with.

What most small business owners usually end up doing is haphazardly firing off posts and tweets for a few minutes a day in the […]

Do we have a winner?

A while ago I wrote a blog about the Battle of the Supermarkets and how my partner and I went through a process of choosing which one to shop at. I realised that adverts did actually have some impact on our decision.

We didn’t actually try Lidl at the time (I’m guessing it’s the same as Aldi) but if the advert below was around then, maybe we would have.

The opening of the advert definitely looks like a place that we would frequent – being the hip and happening folk we are. Then seeing the food being served to the customers again made us oo and aah at how lovely the food looked, still not knowing what the advert was promoting. Not […]

Scare tactics, good or bad? #gunswithhistory

There’s a video going around at the moment which is one of those which makes you sit in silence and just watch. It’s from States United To Prevent Gun Violence, and at first I have to admit I thought it would be very ‘American’ and showy with loads of over emotional Americans crying on camera and talking of life changing experiences.

Yes, this video does have Americans who have just been through a life changing experience, but it’s done in such a way which is very subdued and peaceful, which makes the point even more hard hitting.

It’s a scary fact that ‘Over 60% of Americans think owning a gun will make their lives safer.’ If I ask most of the people I […]

Using Twitter or Facebook Paid Adverts for your Small Business

Using Twitter or Facebook Paid Adverts for your Small Business
To some people, Twitter is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. You may have tried you hand at coming up with compelling and irresistible link bait in 140 or less characters, but quickly abandoned it because it was too difficult.

Or you could be one of the 271 million users who love Twitter, and cannot live their life without having constant access through their computer or smart phone.

From an advertising point of view, Twitter is much more straight forward than Facebook, so you may well find it easier to craft an advert for your business for Twitter. There are three different approaches you can use, so there is some […]

Friday Back to Basics

I’m a big believer in making time for my business. Having time to stand back and look at my business to evaluate what I’m doing well, not so well and the things which I wish I was doing.

Marketing is just one part of what I look at, but it’s integral to keeping my business growing and keeping it up to date and fresh. I use it to get the word out there to specific sectors about the work I do and what I can offer them, but I also use it to see where my efforts aren’t working and can be improved.

I thought a nice back to basics video on marketing could help give you (and me) a little reminder […]

Early Easter Eggs

I defy anyone who does not like Pixar and all that it entails: the films, the concept, the imagination and of course the Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs you say? Yes, Easter Eggs!

In this context Easter Eggs are those things which appear in each and every (nearly) Pixar movie. For example the Pizza Planet Truck which we know from Toy Story, but can be found in all other films apart from The Incredibles. This video, along with 2 others, goes through and identifies all the hidden Easter Eggs. You’ll constantly be looking out for them now!

This is something which Disney also does, definitely worth a Google.

If you have a certain message or logo, maybe this is something you could apply to your […]


The phrase ‘like a girl’ is something we’ve all heard throughout our lives, but what does it mean to you? Do you think it’s positive or negative? Most of us use it as a flippant comment when we’re having a laugh with our friends, but have we ever actually stopped to think what it may be doing to the person we say it to, and what impact it has on the young people around us and showing them it’s OK to say?

Whether you’re a guy or girl, being told ‘you throw like a girl’ (for example) is usually with negative connotations, however the marketeers at Always are campaigning for this to change.

They are campaigning to change the meaning of the […]

Social media marketing and analytic tool for your small business

Social media marketing and analytic tool for your small business
We all want to get better at growing our business online, and social media engagement now plays a big part in our growth.

Running a small business can put a real strain on your time, especially if you have a small team in place that are doing many different jobs within your company.
Are you engaging your followers?
You may well be diligently posting to Facebook and sending out regular tweets. You may even have scheduled some regular time each day dedicated to replying to followers and answering customer queries you get through your social media pages. But do you really know how to figure out how much site traffic all your activity is […]

Love to Hate adverts #EpicStrut

I guess by now we’ve all seen the newest Money Supermarket advert with the ever glamorous Sharon Osbourne; and like most adverts like that, they drive me insane. That would be however, apart from the even more glamorous man, ‘Dave’, that appears in the advert.

Consumers aren’t left talking about the company and how much they want to be customers of them, but, like other good adverts, people are talking about the strap line and bizarre content.

Dave feels so good about saving money he can’t help but strut down the street. The advert is not an ad promoting their services but is a tool to make you feel something, make you think you can feel as good as Dave does once you save […]

Promoting Small Businesses using Social Media

Promoting Small Businesses using Social Media
Time flies when you are busy, and when you think about it, it wasn’t that long ago that business owners cottoned on to the power of social media, and how it could be exploited to boost company profiles, brand recognition, and ultimately – sales.
Rather than the hard sell to push products and services to increase their bottom line, which seemed to dominate pretty much all business social media activity during it’s infancy, owners and managers are now aware that blatant sales pitches no longer work.

Engage followers – not shun them
People have become much more media savvy in recent years, and have become somewhat immune to direct-sell campaigns. If you approach social media marketing like a […]