The Good Old Days

This made me smile from beginning to end.

I just need a brief rant, but it will explain my happiness for this ad.

Technology is amazing, without it I wouldn’t be in a job or be able to write this now and post it out so people can see it instantly. HOWEVER, I can’t hide my frustration when children have barely ever touched a real book before, because they have a Kindle, or they don’t know where to search for the meaning of a word, because they have Google.

I also have a deep obsession in Pinterest, spending a good few hours a week glued to my boards: style, home, garden, food; all neatly kept without having to rip pages out of a book and keep [...]

Gospel according to Jerry Seinfeld

The following is an acceptance speech at the CLIO awards by Jerry Seinfeld, comedic legend and producer.

This brilliant and brutually honest speech about the advertising world really makes you think about what advertising really is.  If I’m being brutually honest, I’m totally pulled in by advertising. Tell me something is shiny, sexy or will make me look like Kate Beckinsale and I’ll buy buy buy!

The fact that I’m not always happy about the product once I’ve got it and used it is irrelevant to the advertiser, their job is already done. Bravo dear advertiser. [...]

I have a new word for you – Bubblews!

Bubble…what? Don’t worry, I have not lost my mind, yet!

I first noticed Bubblews back in 2012 when it made it’s first appearance on the social network scene. At first I thought this site would be quite promising, and having two enterprising American guys at the helm who secured capital and angel funding to get their project kick-started was also impressive.

The original idea was that contributors got a slice of the advertising revenue generated through the site, which would encourage people to write posts, like, share and comment on other posts, and at the end of the day see some reward for their contributions. This does sound like a more appealing proposition than writing endless posts for Facebook for absolutely [...]

This. Is. Amazing.

Netflix has been in our household for a couple of years now and it’s probably used more than the kettle.  Not only has it got films for grown ups and tiddlers, but the endless amount of TV shows on there is just incredible.

I’ve recently re-lived my childhood watching the Buffy series and remembering how much I loved Angel and Riley…swoon.

So this advert caught my attention immediately as House of Cards is a firm favourite with us.  All the twists and turns, ups and downs, do I really like Spacey’s character or not dilemmas; and Ricky Gervais is right – I DO want to be in that show! (Just a fly on the wall though, too much drama for me).

For me [...]

Can’t hold it in anymore.

I’m sorry to all you ‘Christmas is only December’ grumblers, but I just can’t hold it anymore.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

I truly love Autumn and Winter for all it’s colours, warmth and festivities. The start of Strictly Come Dancing sparks my excitement for all of this and I get hooked on Pinterest looking for Autumnal decor for the house, clothes for the chilly season as well as writing endless lists to prepare me for Christmas. What can I say, being a virtual assistant means I love a list.

The house is full of smells to remind me of the season, freshly baked biscuits, cinnamon and cloves and other such delights.

I could honestly gush about all of this all day, but I shall [...]

Think of the teddy

Thomson’s new marketing campaign #MadeMeSmile includes a heart warming ad showcasing the hectic life of a teddy bear. I can definitely relate to this, as I too used to put my teddy bear through the ringer on a daily basis.  But of course my teddy wanted tea and cake (literally), and of course it wanted to make a fort with me but get left outside to get a soggy foot and maybe lose and eye.

But I’m glad to know that, like the little girl in this advert, taking my teddy on holiday will have made up for the all the turmoil I put him through, and will put a smile back on his fluffy (but slightly mangled) face.

As an adult, this [...]

Marketing on a shoestring using social media for small business and sole traders

The main obstacle to most new start-up businesses is getting yourself established and recognised while sticking to a usually very meagre marketing budget. This is a much harder task if your business is very small with just a handful of people, a partnership with two or three active members, and the single sole-trader who has to be able to wear many hats throughout the working day.

Whatever your marketing budget may be, the main objectives are to:

1: Make some sales
2: Make more sales
3: Maximise your sales to make them more profitable

In reality this can only be done by establishing and increasing the awareness of your business, and driving more traffic back to your website. Social media sites are a proven and [...]

Marketing just got crazy!

This video appeared on my feed during the week and as a lover of Stephen King I had to share it with you all. To help promote last years remake of King’s epic story ‘Carrie’ a special effects team turned a NYC Cafe into a real life telekinesis experience for customers.

This style of marketing has taken the world and the internet by storm, and there are endless flash mob videos on Youtube to show just how powerful it can be.

I know I’d definitely freak out…but it does make you wonder what crazy things you could do to promote your business. (Legal of course!) [...]

No One Cares About Your Logo Other Than You!

I’m on a rant. I’ve just been asked to make a client’s logo stretch across the full width of their website thus making it probably the only thing anyone will ever see when they visit the site.

In the 10 years i’ve been running Lobster this has to be the most popular request from clients – “can you make our logo bigger?”.

So this is my response to anyone who’s ever asked that question, or who’s thinking of asking it – NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LOGO.

Unless of course you’re Apple – then people really do care. If you’re Apple, you’ve spent years building a brand that people really, really care about. They care so much that they’re willing to spend over [...]

Music memories

It must be a tough, but fun, job deciding what music to pair with an advert. I wonder if it’s a chicken and egg type thing, whether the ideas come first and then the music or vice versa, but there’s no denying that some music makes an advert and makes it memorable.

This advert is on a lot in our house (which says a lot about our TV habits) and the music has now become synonymous with sport. I couldn’t really tell you what happens in the advert but I know for sure BT is on!

It also makes you want to bop along – never a bad thing! [...]