Creepy #Humans

I’m not sure who else was duped over the weekend, but we certainly were. This creepy advert had us googling away to see whether it was true or not, whether you could actually buy a creepy human like thing to help you around the house.

Thankfully, this is not true. You can’t buy a creepy robot but you can watch a new show with creepy robots in, #Humans.

Although it’s not actually something I’d watch normally, the advert really got my attention, and every time it’s on we talk about it. I can’t say for certain I’ll be watching the whole series, but I’ll definitely watch the first to see what this is all about.

Duped by advertising. Again. […]

Welsh Business Support – Creating Your Business Structure and Legal Requirement

When setting up your business or non-profit organisation, you have a number of options for the way you can structure it. There are several types of legal status that affect issues such as how your venture operates, how it is recognised by law, what the tax implications are, and what will happen to any future business debts. Each structure will define your legal responsibilities, for example, the paperwork involved, taxes you’ll need to pay and how you can personally take the profit your business makes.

So when you choose a business structure there are different entities to choose from.
• Sole Trader
• Partnership, including Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
• Private Limited Company
• Public Limited Company – (PLC)
• Community Interest Companies (CICs)
• Charitable Incorporated […]

SEO : Climb to the top of the search engines


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Early Easter Eggs

I defy anyone who does not like Pixar and all that it entails: the films, the concept, the imagination and of course the Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs you say? Yes, Easter Eggs!

In this context Easter Eggs are those things which appear in each and every (nearly) Pixar movie. For example the Pizza Planet Truck which we know from Toy Story, but can be found in all other films apart from The Incredibles. This video, along with 2 others, goes through and identifies all the hidden Easter Eggs. You’ll constantly be looking out for them now!

This is something which Disney also does, definitely worth a Google.

If you have a certain message or logo, maybe this is something you could apply to your […]

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