How website hosting works

The world wide web has been around since the mid-90′s yet we still regularly get asked “what is hosting anyway?”. As someone who’s been building websites since the start I forget that the internet, the world wide web, domain names, email etc can all be very foreign to people. It must seem very intangible if you’re not used to working with computers and servers.

So here is my quick overview on how website hosting works and what it does.
What is a website?
Firstly we need to discuss what a website actually is. At it’s very basic level, a website is the representation of programming code called HTML (hyper text markup language). HTML is the language that developers use to describe how the [...]

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How to craft your own social media strategy

I’m often asked about how to USE social media but there’s a massive difference between using social media (and by that most people mean Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), creating accounts and posting content, and USING social media – implementing a strategy that will deliver certain results.

Anyone can use Twitter. It’s really not that hard (but if you’re ever stuck we have training courses available), but not everyone can implement a well structured strategy for success on Twitter. Being able to click the right buttons and type isn’t in itself a strategy for success but with a few pointers most people can start to use social media to promote a business and start to generate some real returns.

Here are my top [...]

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New look for Facebook Pages for business – is this the end for Apps?

Major change happening that will affect Facebook Pages for business. Are you ready for the change?

Yesterday, Facebook announced the roll-out of their new-look Page layout with a post on their blog (, the main features of which are a move to a single column of posts and easier access to admin tools.

However, one aspect that seems to have been glossed over and possibly is the biggest impact for Facebook Pages for Business. It is the apparent loss of Apps from the page.

If you’re not familiar with Page Apps, they’re the buttons that sit just below the Cover Photo area at the top of your Page. On new pages these just show the number of likes, but on many sites, these [...]

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