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Like many other fans, I’m looking forward to the start of the next season of Premier League football. As an avid Liverpool FC supporter, okay, not everyone’s number one choice, but the club has had some good and bad times recently. In addition, there are changes afoot this season, the impact of which I’ll be watching closely. Setting the season up nicely is the new Sky Sports advert featuring Thierry Henry. After watching it, I could almost visualise being present during some of those iconic moments.

In summary, if you haven’t seen it, the advert picks out thirteen snapshots in footballing history, and Thierry is seen in each clip, starting in 1993 with him joining the celebrations of Brian Kidd and Sir Alex […]

Because It’s All About You…Isn’t It?

Because It’s All About You…Isn’t It?
OK, stay with me here because I am going to talk about quite a dry subject – your About Me page.

I can see you are rolling your eyes already…..

Some people have a real problem with their About Me page. Can I ask you a question? Do you have an About Me or an About Us, or simply an About page on your website? If yes, is it any good? If no, then why the heck not?

There are two sorts of people on the internet, those who will visit About Me pages, and those who don’t bother, and quite frankly couldn’t care less if you have one or not.

When your #marketing plan consists of getting people […]

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Early Easter Eggs

I defy anyone who does not like Pixar and all that it entails: the films, the concept, the imagination and of course the Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs you say? Yes, Easter Eggs!

In this context Easter Eggs are those things which appear in each and every (nearly) Pixar movie. For example the Pizza Planet Truck which we know from Toy Story, but can be found in all other films apart from The Incredibles. This video, along with 2 others, goes through and identifies all the hidden Easter Eggs. You’ll constantly be looking out for them now!

This is something which Disney also does, definitely worth a Google.

If you have a certain message or logo, maybe this is something you could apply to your […]

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