Does Polling Engage People On Social Media? Care To Take Our Poll?

Does Polling Engage People on #Social Media? Care To Take Our Poll?
The whole point of using social media is to engage and interact with your followers and fans. Sometimes people can be reluctant to get involved in discussions where they need to add comments or get involved in a conversation, especially if they could feel out of their depth. Sometimes readers simply don’t have time to comment, so may scroll by.

This can be a missed opportunity to reach out and engage with your social media followers, so a great way of garnering their opinion about a subject without the need to actually type in a response or comment, is by providing them with a simple poll.

Polling can be a very […]

If I Had 1 Million Pounds I Would…..

If I Had 1 million pounds I would…..
Why fill-in-the-blank #social media posts are so addictive.
So, what would you do if you have 1 million pounds, or what would you do if you found a suitcase full of bank notes in a deserted park, or could be the king or queen of England for one day?

The great thing about fill-in-the-blank social media posts is that they are so addictive. People cannot help themselves, and will often feel compelled to respond, regardless of the subject matter.

This is why they are such a good social engagement tool for you to use to break the ice with your followers, and give them a chance to exchange ideas, opinions and viewpoints with you.

Getting to know […]

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I recently attended the Gwent Business Women’s Network where they had a great design agency (Dirty Little Serifs) come in to talk to us about branding. There was a big mixture of businesses in the room; those with a lot of #business experience, those with only a few months worth, but we all had our issues when it came to branding.

The newer businesses were definitely focused more on the logo side of things, what it should look like, how many colours etc, where as those who were longer established seemed to focus on branding as a whole. ‘How do I get my brand to be the same throughout my whole business?’. ‘Should I have branding guidelines written down, or be […]