Rules? What rules? Marketing with youtube

If you’re thinking about marketing your business by putting a video up online but aren’t really sure what the rules are or what is kosher, Heineken have a great new advert out showing you just how to get around any potential issues.

Of course, having Neil Patrick Harris as the star helps a bit! [...]

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Can you use Pinterest to promote your business?

Online marketing has become more sophisticated over the years, and rightly so as more and more people become clued up on social media, and become immune to the barrage of advertising that now accompanies their daily feed on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The rapid rise in popularity of Pinterest has enabled everyone from every walk of life to curate content from the web that suits their particular interests, hobbies and passions – there is just about every topic you can think of to be found there, from pompoms to pygmy goats!

But how can a business possibly use Pinterest to promote their company? Is it worth investing precious time and effort to build a profile that may have been [...]

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What makes a video go viral?

I think we can all agree that at some point we’ve procrastinated the time away looking through funny videos on YouTube, saying to ourselves “just one more”.

Have you ever wanted to make something which makes you an internet sensation or wanted to try a video to promote your business? Here’s a great talk about what it takes to make a video go viral. [...]

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Thinking outside the box

Usually when we think about marketing, the phrase ‘think outside the box’ gets chucked around in most cases; but how far outside the box do you travel? If we look at some the world’s giants, like Pepsi and Cadbury, they create adverts and campaigns that if you saw them without their branding all over it you wouldn’t know it was them, it can leave the viewer unclear about what message is trying to be portrayed. This can be said for businesses of all types; if the message you are trying to get across is unclear, then what’s the point? Try showing your ideas to ‘outsiders’ and ask what they think a product or service is to gauge just how far [...]

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