How to market your small business with a zero budget

You are doing well – your business is all set up and ready to go, and your enthusiasm to get the ball rolling is through the roof. However, there is one small problem. Your advertising budget is slim to zero.

There is nothing so frustrating than to follow your passion to start up your business, only to find that lack of funds prevents you from going out there to promote it.

But don’t lose heart just yet! There are some simple marketing strategies you can implement right away to get your name, products or services out there, even on the tightest budget.

It’s all in the list: We all know how important it is to build an email list of interested […]

Yay! Not a Christmas blog

Over the weekend I caught the end of the Top 100 toys of all time, and number 1 came as no surprise to me as it was something I filled my days with as a child, and fill my weekends with now I’m a step mother and an auntie. Lego.

Whether you follow the instructions and build the image on the front of the box or create something completely unique, Lego allows you to let your imagination run wild and for your dreams to be made a reality.  Nearly every popular film franchise has been made in to Lego – Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minecraft and Disney Princess – you can bring that World to life, or intertwine the two for […]

Can your Dad dance?!

I am not ashamed to say that I don’t really like the Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert; I like, and agree that Christmas is a time for sharing, but something just doesn’t sit well with me.

John Lewis therefore has been the clear winner in my eyes, with a whole new pressie even coming from it in the form of Monty. Clever marketing people.

However, Sainsbury’s have indeed redeemed themselves with this bloody brilliant advert! Dad dancing is an embarrassment to children the World over, but if Papa Williams pulled out these moves I definitely wouldn’t cower in the corner looking at what I could change my name to. Similarly, the Christmas jumper has made a huge comeback over the last few years, and […]

How to use Twitter Trends to raise your Social Media Profile

Twitter has been around for a good few years now, but many new and small business owners still eye it with some suspicion. If you are a Twitter user anyway, then you may be able to see the advantages of using it to build awareness of your new business, but it can be so off-putting for some, especially when they see their time line cluttered with tweets such as ‘I love cheese sandwiches’, or ‘the car didn’t start today’. Why would anyone want to share such odd information? And what’s with the hash tag before some phrases or words?

When we have our ‘work hat’ firmly sitting on our head, we can often forget that social media posts are […]

Best of 2014

As it’s coming to the end of the year we’re going to be inundated with ‘Best Of’ lists: hottest females / males, best movies, best songs etc.  So it got me thinking about the biggest internet crazes of 2014. Straight away the ALS Ice Bucket challenge comes to mind, with in excess of 2.4 million ice bucket-related videos posted on Facebook of people getting involved raising money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association.

I don’t think I know anyone who has not seen one of these videos, where it’s not only raising money for the association but raising awareness of the disease.

Similarly, the #Nomakeupselfie helped raise £8m in 6 days for cancer research, and even though the campaign was not actually started by Cancer […]

How to be your own Social Media Manager

Everyone knows how important social media has become with regard to building and promoting your business brand. Big businesses understand this, and the need to be seen as being socially-active has lead to many companies employing a social media manager – a position that probably would never have existed more than a decade ago.

The ever-changing tastes and demands of the modern consumer will always keep brand names on their toes, and require them to think fast and constantly adapt to their customers wants and needs.

The role adopted by a social media manager is one that can cater to a new generation of socially-active customers that have the internet ingrained into their lives. The majority of these potential new customers are […]

Delicious ad by Apple

At the start of the week I shared some of the older Apple ads which include humour and a famous film star to help promote the product and brand. Today I thought I’d share their newest advert which is incredibly clever by using images from popular culture to help promote their brand.

By associating the new Notebook with images such as Heisenberg, Snow White and Homer Simpson it already gives it a sense of familiarity and positivity with viewers, and I seem to see new images each time I watch it, meaning the advert doesn’t get old too quickly. For example, I’ve only just seen that Scrat, the squirrel from Ice Age, is in it!

Which is your favourite image? […]

Marketing a World Wide Brand

I’m writing this on my Sony Vaio laptop, using my Chrome browser and afterwards I’m going to do some work in Word…because I love my Windows PC.  It has to be said that I stand on that side of the divide. I’ve had an iPod and been on a Mac etc but as a creature of habit I go back to my beloved.

However, the current Apple Notebook ads have made me think about the constant evolution that Apple, and other World dominating brands must have to go through to keep people interested and buying their products.

It has to be said that the adverts with Justin Long in are really funny. They very cleverly show the positives of owning an Apple […]

Raising Local Awareness for your home business with Facebook

For many years now social media sites have been great for business owners who wanted to have their name shouted from the rooftops far and wide, and all for a very reasonable price compared with more traditional press advertising campaigns.

Sites like Facebook are still great places to advertise, but what if your business is not in the market to attract national or international customers? What if you are a sole trader with a very local physical business, maybe a shop or service that you only offer to local clients?

This is the exact question my friend asked of me last week. This is my friend Claire who has recently embarked on a plan to supplement her family income by taking […]