Free Social Media Tools to save small business owners precious time

Social media has moved on from being a novel form of marketing to very much a part of everyday business duties to perform each day.
It is so important to the the success of business these days that your company would be at a major disadvantage if you don’t include social media marketing in your promotional campaigns.

One term you will notice a lot when reading up on how to use it properly is ‘engagement’. This term is truly at the centre of all social communication, and if you fail to make this your focus, much of your effort would be wasted.

Engagement levels will vary across different platforms, and simply means when someone interacts with your post by clicking through your link, […]

Happy 10th birthday YouTube! My, how you have changed!

February 14th may be well known as being Valentine’s Day, but for it’s millions of users, this is also the birth date of YouTube.
YouTube has come a long way since 2005, and so has the internet for that matter, and has successfully introduced the world to the concept of the video blogger or Vlogger as they are now widely known.

Apart from unleashing a whole host of weird and wonderful personalities onto the world, including such internet sensations as Gangnam Style, YouTube has opened up a whole new method of social media marketing that has proven to be very effective, engaging and quite often good fun!
Back in the day…
Back when it all started, social media sites were really in their infancy, […]

Facebook Vs Twitter: Which Has More Marketing Power for Your Small Business?

Whether you are looking to increase your sales or build a better relationship with your customers, social media marketing can help you achieve your goals.
But if you could only spare the time to work on either Facebook or Twitter, which one should you choose?

These are the two most popular platforms of choice for new start up businesses or small businesses with limited staff, and they are both leading heavyweights of the social media world. Many success stories have come from businesses using one or the other to increase the marketing power of their company.

A lot will depend on what sort of business you run, and which platform would suit your needs better, but on the whole many more entrepreneurs and […]

How to keep your Twitter Followers Engaged

Having high follower numbers on social media sites can seem to give a business some bragging rights over their peers, but can this be judged as pure vanity in some cases?
For a new business just setting out on their social media journey, there is value in building up your follower count, this cannot be denied, and your follower number will have an influence on how far and wide your message spreads, but how well are your tweets converting?
Quantity can be impressive, but Quality is always the key.
We all keep a close eye on our follower numbers, and alarm bells will start ringing if we see that number sharply decreasing. Checking out your Twitter metrics will often be a good indicator […]

Superbowl Sunday #KimsDataStash

Before the 6 Nations starts next week there is another sporting event each which I don’t miss…the Superbowl. Something which isn’t on most people’s radars in the UK but I’d thoroughly recommend watching. It definitely takes a while to get used to all the rules, scoring, flags and length of the game, but the Americans surely do know how to put on a show.

As the Superbowl is watched by millions of people (111.5 million people in 2014) it is no wonder that it’s also one of the biggest marketing opportunities for companies in the whole calendar year.  Adverts throughout the Superbowl can cost millions of dollars and are a prized win if you can get a slot.

However, it’s not just a one-off advert that […]


The excitement is (Aled) brewing for the tournament to begin next week when Wales take on England, and BBC Wales have released their annual advert to get the nation ready.

Not as emotional as in previous years, this advert is right when it likens the 6 Nations to a celebration such as a birthday or wedding.

Being brought up in England, I can honestly say that no one celebrates the 6 Nations quite like Wales. People do really get together and go through the ups and downs that each weekend brings. Never before I moved to Wales did I hear the phrase ‘all dayer’ used to often and to mean to something so exciting.

So lets get ourselves ready, put those protein shakes […]

Small Business Owners – Better to do a few Social Media Sites well than do all of them poorly

For any small business owner or sole trader, the importance of being active on social media cannot be understated. Just about everyone these days has some sort of social network account, from rock stars to politicians, and even their own grandmothers in some cases, so there is no excuse to avoid it and say “that is not my particular audience”.
When you are busy trying to establish your business, it is very easy to completely avoid using social media simply because you may not understand it, and wouldn’t have the first clue about how to get started.

Another common problem may be experienced further down the line when you may have tried it out for a while, but quickly become overwhelmed with […]


This advert is really beautiful and something which I can really relate to. My mother has the most beautifully curly hair and these curls have been passed on to me.

Now, at 24, I love my curls, they’re bouncy, wild and never look the same. This however wasn’t always how I felt. Throughout primary and secondary school I hated my curls, they just seemed a big frizzy, untamed mess and something which was much inferior to straight hair. All my friends had beautifully long, straight, shiny hair and in everyone’s eyes they were the pretty ones. One of these ‘friends’ even described my hair as looking like ‘rats tails’…charming.

Little did I know that as I got older people with straight hair were […]


I saw this advert the other day and I was instantly interested by it, very clever using t shirts as birds, watching them migrate and travel home, but never in one hundred guesses would I thought it would have been for Ikea!

I get that Ikea have fantastic storage solutions for all our bits and bobs – my house is full of the stuff – but the advert doesn’t scream IKEA to me whilst watching.

This may be a deliberate action, other adverts such as 3 use adverts which have nothing to do with their service but yet they stay in your memory, so Ikea may be doing something similar.

It may also be an extremely clever advert and I’m just not getting […]


Lets start the week with some motivation to keep us girls going. Sport England has come up with a great advert to show us that no matter what shape we are, our ability, or how sweaty we get, exercise comes in many different forms and can become part of everyday life, not just a once a month effort.

Unfortunately the media has made a lot of us have negative views of ourselves and create an image of what we ‘should’ look like. Photoshop and ‘thinsipration’ is basically putting rose tinted glasses on us and saying if we don’t look a certain way everyday, then we’re not perfect. This is not a message we should be sending girls and women of any age.

To me […]