Business Coaching – how this can help you to plan and work through issues!

##Business coaching can help you to overcome barriers you face when growing your business.  Coaching works on the premise that you, as the business owner, have the answers within, but these need to be drawn out, through questioning and exploration. Then achievable objectives need to be set and reviewed and adjusted accordingly. The end goal should remain the same, but you might come across other options and possibilities as you start to action your plan. It’s all part of the learning process of growing yourself and your business!

As such, a business coach tends to be focussed on working towards a specific goal, one at a time, and can be performance-focussed or role-focused, whereas a mentor will act as a “sounding-board” and will use their […]

Gasp! Did you just use the ‘M’ Word?

Isn’t it funny how attitudes change over the years.
These days of #social media #marketing makes us, as small #business owners, very wary of coming over as marketers who are only interested in pushing our own product or service.

You see, after many years of being subjected to shifty salesmen, especially the cliché used car salesman trying to sell us a dodgy second-hand car, the public have become very suspicious of people who are obviously trying to sell us something.
Are you a Marketer?
Lets be honest. When you introduce yourself to someone new, do you ever describe yourself as a ‘marketer’? No, didn’t think so. You will be more likely to say you are a small business owner, and then mention the area […]

SEO : Climb to the top of the search engines


Social Media

Start Ups

Early Easter Eggs

I defy anyone who does not like Pixar and all that it entails: the films, the concept, the imagination and of course the Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs you say? Yes, Easter Eggs!

In this context Easter Eggs are those things which appear in each and every (nearly) Pixar movie. For example the Pizza Planet Truck which we know from Toy Story, but can be found in all other films apart from The Incredibles. This video, along with 2 others, goes through and identifies all the hidden Easter Eggs. You’ll constantly be looking out for them now!

This is something which Disney also does, definitely worth a Google.

If you have a certain message or logo, maybe this is something you could apply to your […]

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