Facebook Page Verification

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you how popular Facebook is (it’s huge) so you’ve probably already got a Facebook Page set up for your business. If that’s the case then you really need to spend a little time reviewing the recent updates that have occurred so that your page is taking full advantage of all the features that Facebook provides to businesses.

In the video below I’ve filmed a quick “how to” on Facebook Page verification.

Verification has been available on Facebook for celebrities and popular accounts for a while now – you may be familiar with the blue tick that appears against celebrity Facebook accounts. For businesses, Facebook has created a grey tick verification and the main benefit seems […]

Is Your Small Business Niche Suitable For Social Media?

In this day and age of constant contact, fresh content and high visibility, the notion of not participating on social media is an odd idea for most small business owners. It is hard to believe that there are still some businesses that don’t have to do social media.

When we talk about social media our minds automatically spring to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and similar sites, however ‘media’ has been around for a very long time. When you think about it, newspapers were social media back in the days before television and radio were even invented, and before the written word and mass literacy, you could say that spreading the word my mouth through town criers, and speeches given at public meetings […]

Do You Still Hold One-to-One Meetings?

I love watching old films from the 40’s and 50’s when men wore hats and ladies wore gloves. There was a certain style about those films that we will never see in life again.
But what I enjoy most from those old films is looking at the character’s workplaces and seeing how much things have changed. It is like watching a snapshot in time where business deals were brokered face to face, usually over lunch-time drink of whisky on the rocks either in a restaurant, or in an office over a solid oak desk surrounded by leather chairs.

‘Meet You Never’
TV drama’s like Mad Men have done a very good job of re-creating the hedonistic high pressure world of business past, and […]

Super Bowl 50

Maybe it’s because I’m now with someone slightly obsessed with the USA, but it seems the Super Bowl has increased in popularity over the last few years and, dare I say it, become part of our annual sports calendar in the UK as something to look out for.

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to NFL, and have picked the Packers as my team mainly on the fact that the fans wear cheese on their heads. Not the best reason, but they’re actually a good team and (I believe) the oldest in NFL history.

Since 2009 I’ve ‘watched’ the Super Bowl. I use ‘watched’ as I’ve not actually seen a whole game. Normal NFL […]

Make A HUGE Impact With Fabric Displays

We may go on a lot about Inbound Marketing but that doesn’t mean we’re not fans of traditional marketing methods. The most effective marketing campaigns are those that combine multiple channels and work together to become a cohesive lead generation system. So it’s not surprising that we’ve become quite excited about the growing trend to use fabric displays to brand promotion and awareness. I mean, you just have to look at these displays and flags to see how great these are and how they would grab people’s attention.

If you’ve ever been to a networking event or business show you’ll be very familiar with the sort of displays that are usually found there. They’ve been around for years now – I remember […]

Using Social Media At Work – Or Not!

As the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled this week that employers can read any private employee messages send via any social chat service, or through mail accounts, we consider what this may mean for organisations.

It’s been legal for quite some time for employers to be able to read personal email – within reason. Currently, UK law dictates that checks on employee communications must be “proportional,” but that can’t be read as an exact science. In the latest ruling, a Romanian employee was sacked for sending very personal content for his family through his business Yahoo Messenger account. The court ruled that this wasn’t an intrusion of his privacy as he’d claimed.

This decision is significant for a number of […]

Is Your Small Business Prepared For Blue Monday?

Is Your Small Business Prepared for Blue Monday?
Blue Monday is the term reserved for the third Monday in January that has become known as the most depressing day of the year. HR experts ELAS have predicted that employee absences during Blue Monday, as well as January as a whole, will lead to a loss in productivity that could cost the UK economy tens of millions of pounds.

The University of Exeter conducted a survey into Blue Monday that showed the potential loss to the economy could be as much as £93 billion. According to their research, someone Googles the term ‘depression’ every two seconds in the UK, leading to a whole raft of unauthorised absences, or sickies, that tend to hit […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year #6nations

2016 is a big year for my family. We’ve got a 1st, 30th and 90th birthday. A Christening, my wedding and honeymoon.

All of these events are undoubtedly exciting, not always taking over our lives, forefront of our minds exciting, but definitely bursts of excitement! I know this is sad, but I obviously have a Wedding Countdown on my phone (249 days at the time of writing, to be exact).

However, all these events pale in comparison for my darling fiance (and most of the Welsh nation) who has been on the countdown since before Christmas for his most wonderful time of the year…the 6 Nations. I’ve come to discover this to be a National event in Wales and one which is […]

Celebrity Endorsements #shouldve

‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ was the soundtrack of my life whilst attending Reading FC every week. This phrase was a favourite of the old man behind me and something he continually shouted at referees and linesman, which, after time, little laughter from those around.

The TV adverts are therefore slightly more annoying for me than others and their lifespan for me is short. However, the recent creation of this advert staring John Cleese has definitely tickled me. Being shown re-runs of Fawlty Towers growing up I am very much used to the irate outbursts from Basil which fills the viewer with such joy.

Watching this advert with my fiance (who has not seen Fawlty Towers – this has to be rectified before we […]

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Let’s get straight to the point. The phrase “Inbound Marketing” defines all marketing and promotional efforts that don’t entail you shouting about your business to people who aren’t interested.

For example, cold-calling is not Inbound Marketing. In it’s basic form, cold calling is obtrusive and generally unwanted. Business owners and consumers alike get loads of cold-calls, several per day (at the moment I seem to be getting lots of calls about our office utilities even though i’ve never said i’m unhappy with our current supplier EVER) and I think we all agree that they’re never welcome. Warm calls, where the caller is following up a lead, that’s a completely different thing – for example, advertising a new fishing reel in a fishing […]