So You Think You’re Funny, Huh?

Using humour to keep your readers coming back for more.
Can you make humour part of your brand personality, or do you take yourself far to seriously for this to work? If you can work in some humour into your #social media posts, do you think you should?

When having a sense of humour works with your brand identity, it can be a very powerful tool, especially with regard to social media platforms such as #Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Using humour in your posts is a great way to grab some attention.

What is your sense of humour?
Defining the tone of your humour that matches with your readership can make your brand not only more memorable, but can be the catalyst for starting […]

Events For December – FREE Social Media Seminar

We’re pleased to announce we’re holding a FREE #seminar in December titled “How to boost your #business with #Social Media”.

Encapsulating years of experience by our director, Russell Davies, the seminar will cover a range of topics that will inspire and motivate you to use Social Media for the benefit of your business.

In two hours, Russell will cover the current state of social media, discuss the best options for your business, identify where your target audience is online, show you how other businesses are using social media successfully and give you lots of tips and ideas that you can take away and use immediately on your business.

Tickets are FREE and available to book here. Spaces are limited so book early. […]

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I recently attended the Gwent Business Women’s Network where they had a great design agency (Dirty Little Serifs) come in to talk to us about branding. There was a big mixture of businesses in the room; those with a lot of #business experience, those with only a few months worth, but we all had our issues when it came to branding.

The newer businesses were definitely focused more on the logo side of things, what it should look like, how many colours etc, where as those who were longer established seemed to focus on branding as a whole. ‘How do I get my brand to be the same throughout my whole business?’. ‘Should I have branding guidelines written down, or be […]