Using LinkedIn for small business and Entrepreneurs

Originally social media was engineered and used as a way for friends and family to keep in touch and share news, photo’s and information. It quickly grew in popularity, and new platforms were developed to enhance and expand user experiences as technology improved.
Business marketing guru’s were quick to realise the potential of social media to quickly and efficiently promote their company brand, products or services, so a whole new world of social media marketing evolved taking online marketing to a higher level.
Most new businesses, entrepreneurs and small business owners will already know the importance of building and establishing their brand online, and understand that social media marketing is the most swift and cost-effective way of doing this. The obvious first [...]

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Telling a story with your marketing

After 8 months of waiting, Samsung’s Sci-Fi football story has reached its climax.  For those of you unfamiliar it’s the world’s best 11 footballers (cleverly named The Galaxy 11) against 11 aliens who are trying to take over the world.

Since kicking off in November last year with training sessions, warm up matches and a massive budget it’s no surprise that AdWeek have named the final installment its  ‘Ad of the Day’.

Creating a story to help market your business or product can be a really innovative way to reach your customers; get them invested in a story and see where it takes you! [...]

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