Friday Fun!

A very short and sweet blog today. Mainly because there isn’t much I can say about these adverts apart from that I bloody love them. They are some of the funniest I’ve seen and Peter Kay is brilliant in every single one. The ‘No nonsense’ brand which they use makes the sometimes cringe worthy comedy absolutely hilarious and I’m just sad there aren’t more ads like it.

The best in my opinion is one which is a brilliant story I now share with my brother. Peter Kay receives a phone call from his young daughter who has had a nightmare about the monsters under the bed. He goes on to tell her it’s the burglars coming through the window she should worry about. […]

Hashtags #BeTheBest

I’m sure you’ve noticed (or will now) the recent surge in advertising on TV using hashtags. I have no issue with hashtags…I’m down with the kids, I know what they mean and what they’re used for; but call me old fashioned but I don’t think hashtags should be something which find their way in to our everyday conversation. Even some of my nearest and dearest say a hashtag when they speak to me, like I can’t gauge their opinion from their previous sentence.  Funnily enough I don’t need a hashtag (or an explained emoji for that matter) to help me understand the way someone feels about a subject.

However, the use of them in business is actually for a really traditional, old […]

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Early Easter Eggs

I defy anyone who does not like Pixar and all that it entails: the films, the concept, the imagination and of course the Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs you say? Yes, Easter Eggs!

In this context Easter Eggs are those things which appear in each and every (nearly) Pixar movie. For example the Pizza Planet Truck which we know from Toy Story, but can be found in all other films apart from The Incredibles. This video, along with 2 others, goes through and identifies all the hidden Easter Eggs. You’ll constantly be looking out for them now!

This is something which Disney also does, definitely worth a Google.

If you have a certain message or logo, maybe this is something you could apply to your […]